Welcome to my fifth blog

By opening this new blog comes to mind the story of my blogs … you get the short story:

That's a Google auto translation. Sorry if there's any mistakes...

My first blog and personal website created it in 1999. He was 17 years and my parents gave me lucky to have computer classes from 7 years. I presented my first work school “typeset” in that Wordperfect word processor or the incredible Edit … MSDOS.

5x-dos-a559929a888425c7cd465e0ce76fc149-WordPerfect 5.1 - Edit

It was 1999 and I did what I could with all I learned html code (HTML for Dummies book) along with a brand new Microsoft Frontpage. At that time whenever I wrote a post requiring manually add the menu and back up the entire structure of the web.

I remember fondly how adopted as the logo, the silhouette of a weather vane that my parents designed for your home.

It was 1999 and had hired and bought my domain and my hosting service.

My motivation was to move the blog, like a newscast, news, jokes, interviews, etc. I am performing on my radio show every Friday.

A couple of years later, I started the career of Telecommunications Engineering so I immersed myself in codes, languages, etc. but without forgetting my passion for communication, so I soon had a new web.

It was 2002 and it was my second website. Fresh start, now served to share class work, thoughts about what he learned in the race and little else.

Three years later I was tempted to happen to use any system like blogspot or wordpress blogs but … It was 2005 and it happened that saw the light my third website.

For this he had already learned a lot about other programming languages and things began to take shape.

This third release was motivated to share my thoughts on the university system, education policy and the Bologna Process. Moreover, the used as a platform to discuss these issues. This blog had their days and all part of blog was parked when I was elected student representative of public universities in the European Students’ Union.

Thus, between 2005 and 2009, my page was a personal presentation and little else.

In late 2009 it was my fourth web page being presented absolutely minimalist who he was and what he was doing. He had a blog, never I promoted and used as a Pinterest or Twitter but little else. It was quite a challenge because although CSS3 had been rejected by the W3C that year, I joined this language specifications making the web to be as responsive as possible.

And from then until now, there has not been anything new until the end of 2015 when, for Christmas, I decided to give me a new website with your blog, to start a blog again.

This is my fifth release website and motivation is again the same as in the previous ones: connect with people, share what they can contribute, discuss, discuss, explore innovative alternatives, and learn.

Thanks for stopping by. Welcome!