Believe it is possible

You can not?

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I wonder how there can be people who scuttle projects that are not yet, when they encounter an entrepreneur; when he tells them his idea; when he speaks of his humble advances; or its embarrassments and failures. These homicidal illusion of entrepreneurs are also homicidal progress and innovation. They are accomplices of immobilism.

I imagine no malice in it, and that we face a reckless homicide. What is not is paradoxical: that prudent acts recklessly to kill possible successful projects. Come on, a more aggravating. These homicidal projects are born, they do not realize the gravity of their words when they say that something can not be or that something can not be done by someone.

I laugh. I believe, and why, pray through these lines to all potential killers entrepreneurial projects, the next time, reflect on the possible and the impossible, and in any case to reformulate their judgments saying a “could not do it “. It is more honest.


Innovation and entrepreneurship, beyond discipline and attitude are also a mental state that favors normal people become extraordinary work on ecosystems residing in the border as possible, making the best of technology is one business models that change the status quo which we live.

All entrepreneurs I’ve been over this year YUZZ program, I testify, yes they are able and have to try, experiment, have a moral obligation to go where nobody was before and see what happens.

We need to create the future of humanity and each of the entrepreneurs in the world have to believe us that yes we are capable. You have to believe it. Good luck!

Originally post here in Blog de YUZZ.