The strategy of the role of training and learning in enterprises (I- Mission and Vision)

Even today and reputed forums, responsible for training and learning departments of large companies do little more than repeat his department, the training and learning, is to accompany the strategy of the company.

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Years perhaps those responsible for departments or addresses large companies could claim that its role was to establish the necessary mechanisms to support and enable deployment strategy. But years ago. Today, given the high frequency of mega changes (one day a company is a leader of a sector and the following week another has overtaken) produced by disruptive innovations makes an e-learning and training, or a corporate university, has to be much more. In my opinion, the vision of a training department and learning has to be precisely create the future vision of the company. Or what is the same, the specific mission would create the environment where possible design the new company strategy.

This challenge we have to face corporate universities today is a major challenge, it is develop people beyond the known future and thus allow people today believe tomorrow’s enterprise.

To this end, I propose these five actions that go developing in future publications:

  1. Make available mechanisms, tools and resources necessary for them to learn from any source. (Let people learn and develop in what most excites them, wherever and whenever they prefer.)
  2. Have tools so that everyone can record what they are learning and what you’re passionate about (even if it has nothing to do with your current job performance), with whom, when, where and even why.
  3. Generate a human-center curated environment in which all people can contribute to organizational learning with all available means.
  4. Analyze all the knowledge that the organization based on the above points, and take the appropriate decisions.
  5. Recognize and certify open, internally and externally knows what each person.

corporate university vision and mission

So, in my opinion, learning professionals and training have an obligation to devise the ecosystem of human and technological learning that allows through learning and knowledge, people re-invent and themselves to imagine and invent the company from the future.