Innovation Management Software Apps. My top 10.

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In this post I wanted to share with you the type web application tools used for managing innovation processes. Some are more collaborative than others; some more complete than others; some are free, others freemium; other payment. I think each has a specific task and like I have, imagine you have to try several of them to identify which is the one that best fits your specific needs.


1. Lean Monitor.

For me the most powerful for the implementation and management of processes involving both Lean StartUp create, measure and learn. Lean Monitor allows you to build your canvas (can be a Business Model Canvas, a lean Canvas, maps of empathy and many others that have default). With this tool you can raise your hypothesis, define your experiments for each of the hypotheses and generate metrics; designing interviews, etc; have the results and reports to validate and invalidate your hypothesis.
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2. Canvanizer.

A free tool, with premium options, I’ve been using for over 6 years. It’s easy, very simple for people who have never worked with it and can build collaboratively different canvas panels (have not only innovation but also SWOTs, etc.) in a matter of minutes.
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For me a must to generate dynamic creativity incorporating a portion of the first divergence and convergence priority subsequently voting for each of the proposals. The tool applies to organize a brainstorming remotely asynchronously. It is completely free and also use it for more than 6 years.
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This application is like having a huge wall on which to go sticking post-its, synchronously and remotely. It also allows categorizing to clusters and even has a prioritization system based on votes that is configurable (you can choose how many votes each person, how long the vote (which is live), etc.) and the application itself commands you in a matter of seconds. It has options that help facilitation process.
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5. Real Time Board.

It is a super powerful virtual whiteboard. Allows real-time collaboration synchronously and remotely and what is best, can become a repository also of related documents (to avoid having project information across multiple sites, is plugins with Google Drive, One Drive, Jira, etc. ..) it is very powerful because it allows to create surveys on the board itself, as well as other interesting features. Every time I go, I meet some nice surprise.
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6. StormBoard.

It took like the above, you can put videos or images, communicate with team members, review ideas. Personally I prefer the former, but as an alternative it is also interesting.
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7. Microsoft OneNote + Lync (Skype).

This is not the best in terms of power but for ease, immediacy and simplicity, is brutal. Onenote open a shared or not and collaborate during a synchronous session Lync or Skype. It works. And the best part is that every day One Note is more powerful. This is also true with Powerpoint instead of OneNote.
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8. Deekit.

It is a very similar tool to RealTimeBoard with the improvement that has templates for colors, etc. to quickly customize and enhance the visual appearance. For me it is a very worthy both RealTime Board as Stormboard alternative.
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9. Trello.

It is a collaborative application for managing tasks within projects by Kanban Lean Management method.
It lets see what they are working members of a project, which is making the rest and where in the process each uno.Se is organized by boards composed of columns (called lists) representing different states. On the boards of each project team, “cards” that travel through different lists depending on their status are used. So you can have a list of things to do, you are doing or already completed.
Also it applies to project management with SCRUM methodology,
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10. LeanKit.

An application very similar to the previous one. You have better options to customize and configure flow metrics but is less “showy” that Trello.
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11. Jira.

Yet another application for managing Kanban boards. This is super powerful metrics to manage, tasks, SLAs, etc. For a complex project to be measured accurately not only phase changes but the times of each task and even customize and block boards through permits, it is ideal. This application not know her I discovered thanks to the people of NETEX Learning.
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12. KanvanFlow.

For my taste style above, but less versatile and more sencillota. Taking Trello not know if it would use.
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13. Wrike.

Also it applies to the same as the previous, somewhat better than KanbanFlow, in my opinion, because it has an option to generate Gantt charts.
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And so far, today I’m staying here. If you have any questions and think I can help you as a geek who continually prove all, tell me and I’ll try to help you. And if you find any more and you want to share to improve this post, tell me. I will be pleased.