My MOOC platforms list

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Today I wanted to share with you my list of major platforms MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). It is neither intended nor a ranking list all they are. They are all I’ve tried.


Complete, very versatile and with over 1500 courses nearly 140 institutions, mainly universities in the United States. Coursera is one of the most comprehensive websites with MOOC and that I like. I have completed several courses and pecked in crowd.


It is very much like Coursera, but with a profile for my taste improves user experience. The best universities in the world are registered in edX, which made available around the world hundreds of courses on subjects at university level. I finished two courses and pecked in crowd.

3.Standfor Online (antes venture Lab)

I met him when he was a Venture Lab and made two courses that were extraordinary in content, tutoring and online learning. Payment programs now offer a very high standard.


This is payment, but is fine if you have time to filter and choose well, because in Udemy anyone can propose its course, describing and indicating the price you want to order for him. I participated in a course tutor.


On this platform you will find that focus on the technology industry as the world of autonomous cars, programming (web, apps on Android or iOS) or machine learning. I have not finished any course, but I pecked on many.


A platform with many features, with Poser that being German, almost all courses are in German. I finished a course.


It would be the equivalent of iversity, but in Spanish. As a platform, it is something behind EDX, and the courses seem shallower. I have not finished any courses.

8.Uned Abierta (antes COMA)

I took a course and … (perhaps because it was when the premiere) very badly. Mala UX, videos and content of poor quality.


Last one. This platform of the Open University and other British universities now contains a large number of courses of very high quality.

10.Canvas Network

I quite like this platform offers courses for teachers, students and universities, based on the slogan “open online learning, defined by you.” I have not finished any course but I peeked several.


An open platform, which compared to the previous ones, leaves much to be desired … it’s like very programmers. I have not found one that interests me.

12.Open to study

I think it’s Australian and perhaps because I was rather lazy, I have not found any course of interest, but looks good.

13.Khan Akademy.

It is geared for students and high school but is an excellent initiative, with a huge amount of power and content.

And here I can share. If you know any more or you can provide your feedback, I’ll be happy to incorporate it into the post. Thanks anyway.